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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a bike manufacturer - Flandria Bikes.

We've been making personalised name decals since 2009.

We originally made name decals (also called stickers) for professional cycling teams to help the team mechanics distinguish at a glance who's bike was who's - not otherwise an easy task, with around 9 identical looking bikes on each team !

We also made them exclusively for our customers' new Flandria bikes.

But everyone wants to look Pro, so we made the decision to allow anyone to buy them on our website, and in 2010 our name decals were featured as a "must buy" in Cycling Plus, Cycling Weekly, 220 Triathlon, amongst others.

In 2021, we launched a dedicated name decals website (this website).

Name decals are great for anything where you need your stuff tagging. From bikes, to skis, fishing rods, helmets, tool kits, racket sports, diving equipment… anything!


Why Choose Us?

Our decals are without doubt the highest quality anywhere in the world !

There are lots of other vendors these days who have copied our product, but none can match the quality or durability of our decals.

We use only the most expensive, superior quality vinyl with permanent, waterproof adhesive. (You can still remove the decals if need be, by heating them with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive).

Our decals are screen printed - the Gold Standard in Printing. This means that each colour in a print is its own colour. For example, if the flag consists of red, white, and blue, we use red, white and blue inks - which are loaded into the printer one at a time, and printed separately. It is very time consuming, but gives the most vibrant colours and longest lasting prints. We do not use, and never have used inkjet printers which mix 4 colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) to "approximate" colours, and result in blurry prints.

Our decals are also heat resistant. No shrinkage or loss of colour occurs even at 200°C ! We use the exact same decals for the decoration of our Flandria frames.

Many of our customers return years later for new decals, as the stickers have outlasted their bikes, and they need new ones for their new ride !

Our name decals are, and always have been proudly made with love in Lancashire, United Kingdom.