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Decals or Stickers?

What is the difference between a sticker and a decal ?

The Oxford dictionary definition of both is:

sticker n. an adhesive label or notice, generally printed or illustrated.

decal n. a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface such as glass, porcelain, or metal.

In our own words a decal is more specialised and has an additional transfer medium, generally called application tape. The printed medium is sandwiched between the backing sheet and application tape. You peel the printed medium from the backing sheet. It stays stuck to the top layer application tape. You then hold the application tape and stick the printed medium and application tape on the surface. Once stuck in place, you peel off the application tape, leaving only the printed medium behind.

Our decals can be used on pretty much anything they aren't just "stickers for bikes" we have customers use them on childrens scooters, helmets, boats, luggage, ski's, snowboards - pretty much anything.  All the Decals are personalised and we can even print bespoke decals if you can supply us with an appropriate vector file.  

Our Personalised Custom vinyl Name Decals are Durable, waterproof and vibrant stickers. Made in the UK with pride.